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Melissa Curry, LDM, CPM

Soon after graduating from Indiana University with a degree in psychology, I moved to Oregon to work as an Americorps VISTA volunteer. I worked in a women’s health program that focused on helping pregnant women access prenatal care and breastfeeding support. Though I had been intrigued by pregnancy and birth since I was a child, it was not until this time that I first learned about midwives and homebirth. Shortly thereafter, I was overcome with a deep knowing that I wanted to be a midwife. Having just finished many years of schooling, I was in no hurry to go back. Instead, I began educating myself by devouring every birth related piece of information that I could get my hands on. I read books and articles, attended birth conferences and trainings, pestered local midwives, and even traveled to Ecuador to work with a Quechua midwife. I spent six months in South America obsessing about birth, traveling, and learning Spanish, knowing I would soon be ready to go back to school to learn midwifery. Upon my return from South America, I began attending births as a volunteer doula and immediately fell in love with being with women during this amazing time. I enrolled in Birthingway College of Midwifery and started going to homebirths as an apprentice midwife in 2004. During this time, I had the great fortune of working with several skilled midwives and witnessing the births of many babies, including twins, breeches, and VBACs. Seeing so many strong women become strong mothers gave me a great respect for the power of pregnancy and birth. I am simply in awe of what the human body can do. I completed my studies and my apprentice births and became a Certified Professional Midwife in 2008.

I am overjoyed to have realized my calling and feel honored to do this sacred work with women and babies. When I am not attending births, I enjoy being with my wonderful husband Eric and our sweet daughter Sophia Clementine, who was born at our very rural home in southern Oregon. As a family, we enjoy playing outdoors, reading, cooking, gardening, and traveling near and far.